Urban Garden - Grand Designs Live 2013

Liz Ackerley entry at Grand Designs Live using S3i balustrade wire cables.

S3i manufactured a stainless steel balustrade wire trellis system as part of an entry in the Grand Designs Live garden designer of the year competition.

Our Balustrade Wire Systems are not only a perfect solution for a beautiful and refined balustrade design, but can be incorporated into gardens to create stunning plant training system.

Green Wall Wire Trellis System for Rooftop Garden

The balustrade wire has also been used on the roof of the design for trailing plants and vines to grow and create a natural canopy.

Our simple system allows for ambitious and creative wire trellis applications. s

All components are produced from 316 marine grade stainless steel, making them long lasting and suitable for any outdoor application.

Balustrade wire kits are designed to be durable and strong

It is possible create design variations to suit your own needs using the component parts.

Wire Trellis System for Grand Design Live

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To read more about the design by Liz Ackerley view the PDF below

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