Vertical Wire Balustrade, Tube Mount, Stainless Steel

Vertical Deck Wire - DIY Self Assembly Tube Mount System in 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Vertical deck cable railing system for tubular mount

Vertical Balustrade Wire Railing, Tubular Mounting, Self Assembly

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Wire Railing 4 M6 50 1100 VBK-04 £17.34
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Each cable consists of:

  • 4mm diameter stainless steel rope assembly at 1100mm overall length, dropnose terminal fitted at top end.
  • One loose self assembly threaded terminal for the bottom rail.
Vertical Mount Deck Cable Fittings

Please allow 3 to 5 working days from order for manufacture and delivery.

Vertical Mount Deck Cable In Place


How to measure your vertical balustrade wires:

This product is supplied at a standard length of 1100mm.

Simply order the number of individual cables required.

The cable assembly is supplied with the top rail component already fitted to the wire.

You will need to size the cable on site and cut the wire to length.

Then fit the simple self assembly wire terminal and screw into the threaded stud fitting.

Stainless Steel Vertical Mount Self Assembly Fitting At Tube Base


How to install your vertical balustrade wires:

Top Rail Drilling

The underside of the top rail will need 7.5mm holes to accommodate the drop nose fitting.

Bottom Rail Drilling

The top side of the bottom rail will need holes just over 11mm, with 6.5mm holes on the underside.

Drilling Guide for Vertical Cable

The drop nose fitting is inserted into the top rail and the drop clip will hold it in the pre-drilled holes.

Vertical Mount Self Assembly At Tube Top
Vertical Mount Drop Nose Fitting

Simply cut the wire to length, terminate into the self assembly stud fitting and pass through the bottom rail holes.

Vertical Mount Self Assembly Fittings

To finish and tension, add a nut to the protruding thread and tighten.

Vertical Mount Self Assembly At Tube Base
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