Wichard Safety Lanyard - Snap Shackle - Hook - Elastic

Safety Lanyard - Snap Shackle and Double Action Safety Hook - Elastic Webbing

Elasticated safety tether with 1 quick opening snap shackle and 1 double action safety hook for personal safety.

Wichard Safety Lanyard - Stainless Steel Quick Snap Shackle - Elastic

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Safety Lanyard 316 0.348 WD-7007 £132.78
3-5 days

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Key Features

316 Stainless Steel
316 grade stainless steel.

Perfect for offshore racing with overload indicator - following OSR -ISAF recommendations.

Double action safety hook and snap shackle in corrosion resistant 316 marine grade stainless steel (A4-AISI).

Elastic webbing enables great movement with a length of up to 2 metres.

Polyamide webbing offers good abrasion resistance.

The double action safety hook ensures no risk of accidental opening with a fluorescent lever for easy single handed operation and detection in low light operations.

Weight 0.348 kg.

Designed and manufactured in France by Wichard.

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Suitable For Highly Corrosive Environments
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