Wire Trellis - Miami Beach, Florida

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cross Clamps for Wire Trellis

Two very impressive large scale wire trellis installations using our wire rope cross clamps.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa

Situated on Miami beach this stainless steel wire trellis provides a strong and long lasting support system for climbing foliage, which is essential for such a large trellis installation.

Wire Trellis - The Ritz Carlton, Miami

Cross clamps are manufactured from 316 grade (marine) stainless steel, ideal for outdoor and coastal environments, easy to use and re-position for perfect alignment.

Wire Rope Cross Clamps - The Ritz Carlton, Miami

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cross Clamps

Lincoln Road

Situated just a couple of blocks away this second installation has been perfectly planned in advance to create a distinctive diamond pattern.

Wire Trellis - Lincoln Road, Miami

This building was only feet away from the street and the city would not close the street for the equipment needed for installation, so the whole installation was done hanging from boatswain's chairs - impressive!.

Wire Rope cross Clamps - Lincoln Road, Miami

Our wire rope cross clamps have been supplied through Seco South, Florida for both installations.

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