Wireteknik Swaging Machine - A200

A200 Wireteknik Swaging Machine complete with Hydraulic Hand Pump

Wireteknik A200 portable roll swaging machine for wire sizes 1.6mm - 8mm.

Wireteknik Swaging Machine A200

Options Swaging Range
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
A200 1.6mm - 8mm 19.5 WT-A200 £5,259.00
Special order
Die 1.6mm 1.6mm N/A A200-016 £367.50
Special order
Die 2mm 2mm N/A A200-020 £333.60
Special order
Die 3mm 3mm N/A A200-030 £367.50
Special order
Die 4mm 4mm N/A A200-040 £367.50
Special order
Die 5mm 5mm N/A A200-050 £367.50
Special order
Die 6mm 6mm N/A A200-060 £367.50
Special order
Die 7mm 7mm N/A A200-070 £427.50
Special order
Die 8mm 8mm N/A A200-080 £427.50
Special order

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Please Note: Delivery charge of £24.00 inc VAT applies to Wireteknik Swaging Machine.

The A200 includes a hand pump. All machines include full sets of pullers.

Note: Dies sold separately, Please contact us for full brochure.

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Swaging range: 1.6mm (1/16 in) to 8mm (5/16 in).

Dimensions: L 500mm (19 3/4 in) x W 290mm (11 3/4 in) x H 140mm (5 1/2 in).

Weight: 19.5 kg (43 lbs).

Typical Applications

Standing rigging and lifelines for sailboats.

Architectural, like balustrades and railing.

Scenographic use at theaters for hanging and supporting set pieces.

Extensively used for on-site swaging of wire fall protection systems on roofs and buildings.

Structural rigging for hang gliders and ultra-light airplanes.

Anchoring of weather balloons.

Oceanographers uses it for swaging winch wire ropes for their surveying instruments.

Lifting strops for fuel rods at nuclear power plants.

Structural rigging for sail-roofs and sail-shades.

Optional Hydraulic Power Units

PUH-1 Hydraulic Pump

Swaging speeds vary depending on type of cordless drilling machine. Typically a mid size machine with 1500 Rpm will give about 10 mm/second of swage-speed on a Wireteknik A200 Swager.

PUH-1 Hydraulic Pump

Please contact our Sales and Technical Team for pricing and further information on 01302 752 504 or email us info@s3i.co.uk.

Wireteknik Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Swaging Operation Instruction 1 and 2

1. Choose the pair of roller dies that corresponds to the cable diameter, and slip them onto the cogwheel synchronizing pins. The arrows on the dies should always be in the swaging direction.

2. Attach the terminal to the attachment fixture on the drawbar, and adjust the length so the roller dies meet the terminal shank at desired position.

Swaging Operation Instruction 3 and 4

3. Apply just enough hydraulic pressure so that the roller dies holds the terminal firmly. Then mark and insert the cable into the bottom of the terminal throat.

4. Move the transparent protective shield into position. Apply hydraulic pressure to draw the terminal between the roller dies.

Swaging Operation Instruction 5 and 6

5. When the roller dies rotate, they will press the terminal shank onto the wire rope.

6. Measure the diameter of the terminal after swaging, and compare with the swage dimensions list.


The swager is designed to reduce the terminal shank to required diameter in one pass. However dimension variations of terminals, cables or material hardness could make it necessary to pass the terminal twice.


When swaging solid rods, a special swaging compound must be used. After swaging wipe off the roller dies and swaging machine, and apply a corrosion preventative.

Product Information Downloads Here:

PDF Operating Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Wireteknik Swaging Machine Operating Sheet

PDF Information Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Wireteknik A200 Swaging Machine Information Sheet

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