90 Degree Glass Clamp - Glass up to 12.76mm Thickness

Stainless Steel Corner Glass Clamp for Mono and Laminated Glass

90 Degree Glass Clamp - Model 28

316 Grade

Options Grade T
Glass Type Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
316 Grade, 6mm 316 6 Mono 14.2806.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 8mm 316 8 Mono 14.2808.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 10mm 316 10 Mono 14.2810.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 12mm 316 12 Mono 14.2812.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 8.76mm 316 8.76 Laminated 14.2809.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 9.52mm 316 9.52 Laminated 14.2844.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 10.76mm 316 10.76 Laminated 14.2811.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 11.52mm 316 11.52 Laminated 14.2854.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock
316 Grade, 12.76mm 316 12.76 Laminated 14.2813.900.12.GC £51.30
In stock

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Key Features:

316 Stainless Steel
Available in 316 grade (exterior) stainless steel.
Mono and Laminated Glass
To fit mono and laminated glass.
Hex Head Key Required
Requires use of a Hex Head Key for installation.
320 grit satin finish
320 grit satin finish.

Stainless steel 90 degree angled glass clamp for joining glass corner sections.

Manufactured from 316 (exterior) grade stainless steel, to a brushed satin finish.

Wide range of sizes to accommodate glass from 6mm to 12.76mm thickness.

Please Note

Please Note:

Glass clamps are supplied without security pins.

Glass panels will be held securely in place with the mounting rubbers supplied. We would only recommend the use of Security Pins if the glass
has a large void underneath.

Glass will require drilling at manufacture stage to accept security pins.

Installation Advice

90 Degree Corner Glass Clamp Installation Advice

Refers to
Relates to
Stainless Steel Grade
Suitable For Exterior Use
Stainless Steel Grade
Suitable For Interior Use
Tube, Handrail or Fitting Diameter
Glass Type
Single Panel Glass
Glass Type
Laminated Safety Glass

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