Glass Balustrade - Raised Decking - North Yorkshire

Garden Glass Balustrade, Private Residence Threshfield

Beautifully constructed raised decking balcony and glass balustrade project was installed by the property owner, with all balustrade components supplied and manufactured by S3i group.

Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrade Installation North Yorkshire

This well thought out installation uses our 42.4mm stainless steel post and glass clamp system with glass infill.

Raised Decking Area Balustrade leading to Stepped Balustrade

Using a post and clamp system without a handrail around the balcony area allows for perfect, unspoilt views from the decking area. Not only acting as a safety perimeter, but also shields from breezes.

Posts Have Been Directly Mounted onto Timber Decking

Using strong anchors the stainless Steel balustrade posts have been directly mounted on to the timber decking frame.

Stainless steel handrail with angle connectors on stairway

On the stairs a stainless steel handrail support has been added for safety, using adjustable connectors to allow for a single continuous handrail run.

Glass Balustrade Decking Perimeter

All handrail, posts and glass clamps are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, this will ensure longevity in harsh outdoor environments.

Unspoilt Views from the Raised Decking Area

The property owner knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and with help from our experienced technical team we were able to design and produce a bespoke balustrade to fulfil his brief.

Raised Decking Area Design by S3i Group
Stairway Design by S3i Group

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