Glass Channel Balustrade - Turners Retreat - Harworth

Mezzanine Glass Channel Balustrade Design and Installation by S3i Group

Our technical team worked closely with Turners Retreat to find the best solution to finish off a new mezzanine in their ever expanding showroom.

Glass Channel Balustrade - Turners Retreat - Harworth

L shape balustrade layout using our 'F' Shape Frameless Pro Glass Channel System

F Shaped Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade

21.52mm thickness laminated glass infill with a height of 1.8 metres to meet all safety and building requirements, topped off with a 42mm diameter stainless steel handrail to add extra stability and rigidity.

Corner Profile - Glass Channel Balustrade - Turners Retreat

The 'F' shaped channel base was chosen for added strength to accommodate the large 1.8 metre height glass panels.

F Shaped Channel Fixings - Turners Retreat

The height of the glass infills can really be appreciated when compared to the 6ft 2" tall frame of technical team leader Jonny.

1.8 Metre Height Glass Infill - Turners Retreat
Mezzanine Glass Balustrade - Turners Retreat

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