Gripple Lockable - Wire Rope Grip

Gripple Lockable with Screw Locking Mechanism for a Secure Fixing

Ready to use packs of Gripple Lockable fasteners for horizontal and vertical wire rope terminations between two fixed points.

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems

Gripple Lockable

Options Pack Size Wire
Vertical WLL
Horizontal WLL
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
2mm Gripple 10 2 70 14 GR-LK-2MM-160B-10B £176.56
In stock
4mm Gripple 5 4 300 60 GR-LK-4MM-80B-5B £97.31
In stock
6mm Gripple 4 6 500 100 GR-LK-6MM-40B-4B £121.42
In stock

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Gripple lockable provides a versatile solution for landscaping, trellis, fencing applications, mechanical, electrical, HVAC and lighting services.

The screw locking mechanism prevents dynamic movement, supplied with setting key to allow easy wire rope adjustment and tensioning.

Each Gripple is marked with its vertical and horizontal working load limit (WLL).

Quick and easy to install, reducing time spent working at height.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available for 2mm, 4mm and 6mm wire rope.

Lockable units are wire diameter specific and must only be used with steel core rope.

Ideal for:

  • Fencing
  • Marquee Guying
  • Bracing Support Wires
  • Exhibition Display Support
  • Landscaping and Nurseries
  • Orchard Trellising
  • Vineyard Trellising

Safety Tips

Do Not Use For Lifting Applications
Do not use for lifting applications.
Do Not Paint
Do not paint.
Do Not Oil
Do not oil.

Installation Advice

Gripple Lockable - Installation
Gripple Lockable - Tension and Secure

1. Ensure the two threaded screws are removed from the Gripple body.

2. Thread your wire rope through one of the two Gripple channels (marked with an arrow) and pass the wire rope through or around the anchor point, now push the wire rope back into second channel of Gripple, ensuring a minimum of 75mm of wire is exposed.

Note : In our example above we have use a wire rope thimble (available separately), this will help to retain the loop shape and protect the wire rope for excessive wear and tear.

3. Now tension your wire, 6mm wire rope can be tensioned using the Gripple Tensioning Tool.

4. Replace the two threaded screws and tighten for an extra secure fixing.

Setting Key Advice

Gripple Lockable - Setting Key

For quick and easy adjustment, simply release the two screws, insert and push the setting key to release the internal Gripple grips, allowing for wire rope movement. Once adjustment has been made, simply remove the setting key and retighten the screws.

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