Hillside Farm, Dorset

Grand Designs "Hillside Farm" House

In Spring 2005 our Ball and Socket Balustrade Infill System was installed on the decking of Hillside Farm, Dorset.

The project was featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs.

Hillside Farm, Grand Designs

The cables were supplied ready swaged. One end came with the ball loose so that the infill cable could be fed through clearance holes pre-drilled in each upright.

Ball and Socket Mounted Balustrade Wire

Each cable was secured to tubular steel uprights using the surface mounted socket fitting and tube clip.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Wire

The balustrade wires are less intrusive, creating a sense of more light and space while still preserving the view.

Balustrade Wire Is Less Intrusive

See the Channel 4 Grand Designs website: www.channel4.co.uk

As featured on Channel 4 Grand Designs

Photos by kind permission of Mike Thrasher

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