Clevis C Hook - 2 Leg Chain Sling - Grade 80

2 Leg Chain Sling with Clevis C Hook for Lifting Applications up to 11.2 Tonnes

7mm to 16mm lifting chain, 2 leg chain slings with Clevis 'C' Hooks in grade 80 alloy steel to meet performance requirements of EN 818-4, using European manufactured chain.

Clevis C Hook - 2 Leg Chain Sling - Grade 80

Options WLL
Code Price (inc VAT) (2 metres)
2.12 Tonne - 7mm 2.12 7 20 28 90 136 XNG807-2L-B £75.18
2.8 Tonne - 8mm 2.8 8 20 28 90 136 XNG808-2L-B £77.16
4.25 Tonne - 10mm 4.25 10 29.5 39.5 127 189 XNG810-2L-B £128.70
7.5 Tonne - 13mm 7.5 12 39.5 52 166.5 246 XNG813-2L-B £216.54
11.2 Tonne - 16mm 11.2 16 46.5 59 206 298 XNG816-2L-B £392.10

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WLL based upon angle of 0 - 45°. Using a choke hitch on chain will result in a 20% reduction of marked WLL.

Bespoke Chain Slings

Handmade To Order

All 2 leg lifting chain slings are made to order and therefore we do not accept returns on these items.

If you need to lift a heavier load or require a longer reach than 6 metres, we can manufacture and supply bespoke 2 leg chain slings for weights up to 45 Tonnes. Please contact our sales and technical team on 01302 752 504 for further information.

Key Features:

G80 Alloy Steel
High tensile grade 80 alloy steel.
Working Load Limit
Quoted working load limit.
EN 818-4
Conforms to EN 818-4.

2 leg chain slings are supplied with a 2 metre reach (bearing surface to bearing surface), you can simply add extra chain by metre reach for required length.

Grab hooks are included for easy length adjustment (Never tie knots in lifting chain).

Each chain sling is supplied with the relevant ID tag.

2 Leg Chain Reach and Components

Temperature Ratings

Grade 80 chain is suitable for temperature ranges of -40°C up to 200°C without reduction in working load limit.

Operating Temperature Reduction in Load Limit
-40°C to 200°C None
Over 200°C to 300°C 10%
Over 300°C to 400°C 25%
Over 400°C DO NOT USE

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Grade 80 Lifting Chain Load Rating Sheet

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