Marine Block - Bow and Becket - Treble - Ball Bearing

Bow and Becket Marine Block with Treble Sheave for 8mm and 10mm Rope

Marine pulley block with stainless steel bow and becket, in UV-resistant plastic with ball bearing treble sheave.

Marine Block - Bow and Becket - Treble Sheave

Options Style Rope
Sheaves Sheaves
Safe Working Load
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
8mm Marine Block Bow - Becket 8 3 27 x 11.5 150 44 28 MB-083-BBK £70.01
7-10 days
10mm Marine Block Bow - Becket 10 3 35 x 12 212 57 36 MB-103-BBK £115.94
7-10 days

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Key Features:

UV-Resistant, Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic
UV-resistant, glass-fibre reinforced plastic.
Stainless Steel Fittings and Bolts
Stainless steel fittings and bolts.
Ball Bearing
Ball bearing.

Treble sheave bow and becket marine blocks for 8mm and 10mm rope, suitable for dinghies, sailing boats, and small yachts.

Cheek parts and sheaves of high quality UV-resistant, glass-fibre reinforced plastic.

Smooth-running ball bearing.

Stainless steel bow and becket fitting.

Stainless steel strap for added stability and safety.

No sharp ridges on the rivet head thanks to tumble riveting.

Bow fitting is detachable.

Easy ball bearing identification (red point = ball bearing).

Dimension Information:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Bow and Becket Marine Block Dimension Information

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