Raised Garden Patio Wire Balustrade - Swansea, Wales

Stainless Steel Balustrade with Wire Infill Manufacture and Installation by S3i

Our Stainless steel tubular mount wire balustrade used for a raised garden patio at a private residence in Swansea.

Raised Patio Wire Balustrade, Swansea, Wales

Our team have worked with home owner Tom to produce a clean and stylish design, which frames the patio area, leading down a flight of steps to the open garden area.

A big thumbs up to our installation team for a job well done!

Having a wire infill has helped to maintain the view, yet at the same time providing additional safety.

All balustrade components are manufactured from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel, perfect for harsh outdoor elements.

Note how wires have been passed through central posts, this reduces the number of end fittings required, therefore saving on the overall cost.

Garden Patio Wire Balustrade, Swansea
Garden Patio Wire Balustrade - Stairway
Garden Patio Wire Balustrade - Planning

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