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Nick Arrowsmith


Our sincere condolences
on the passing of our Queen.

We thank you for your unwavering, lifelong dedication of service to your country and people.

Everyone one here at S3i Group offers our deepest sympathies to the royal family at this very sad time.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
1926 - 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II
Nick Arrowsmith


Wire Trellis on Garden Pergola

Great use of our wire trellis hub system on the back screen of this bespoke pergola installation by Hudson Landscaping.

Our stainless steel wire trellis is the perfect choice for full coverage of climbing plants to create a living green wall.

Easy to use and incredibly versatile hub design allows for a wide range of grid layouts, with all components in high quality 316 grade stainless steel construction ideal for external installations.

We are sure this pergola will look stunning once finished and plants have been allowed to flourish.

This installation uses our 'Green Wall' Wire Trellis, you can view our full range of stainless steel trellis systems here.

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