Shelf Bracket for Glass Shelving - Rectangular

Shelf Bracket - Surface Mount

Shelf Bracket for Glass - Rectangular - Stainless Steel

Available Options Material L
Code Price (inc VAT)  
200mm Shelf Bracket Zintec 200 11.0071.000.20 £23.88
300mm Shelf Bracket Zintec 300 11.0072.000.20 £29.10

Key Features:

Zintec Manufactured from Zintec.
Stainless Steel Effect Finish Stainless steel effect finish.
Drill Required Drill required for installation.
Countersunk Screws Required Countersunk screws included for installation.

Rectangular Shelf Support

Shelf support with rubber strip. Surface mounting rectangular style bracket, ideal for glass shelving. Manufactured from Zintec/Protectan with a stainless steel effect finish.

Bold and robust design that is perfect for interior applications.

Available in a range 200mm and 300mm stand-off sizes.

Quick and easy installation - using countersunk screws and wall plugs.

We would recommend an additional paint system or finish if this shelf support is to be used in exterior or corrosive environments.

Simply fix the rubber strip supplied into the fixing holes on the shelf support for a secure grip and none-marking surface for glass shelving.

Shelf Support Rubber Grip Installation

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