Stainless Steel Wire and Glass Balustrade - Shepperton

Riverside Balustrade - Private Residence Shepperton, Surrey

Delightful balustrade installation by S3i Group over looking the river Thames, using a combination of glass balustrade and wire balustrade around the raised patio area.

Glass Balustrade - Shepperton

The glass balustrade acts a windbreak whist providing unspoilt views over the river.

Stairway Balustrade - Shepperton

Stainless steel wire balustrade has been used for the stairway down to the boat jetty, providing a strong and easy to maintain safety feature.

Wire Balustrade - Shepperton

Note how we have run the balustrade wires through the baluster uprights, this cost effective method reduces the number of wire assemblies required.

Riverside Balustrade - Shepperton

All balustrade components are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, ideal for marine environments.

Wire Balustrade and Glass Balustrade Detail

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