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Sta-Lok Long Eye

Sta-Lok LONG eye - Self assembly stainless steel wire rope terminal.

All in 316 grade stainless steel. The additional length of a long eye allows the replacement of damaged fittings.

Sta-Lok Long Eye - Swageless Fitting

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Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
5mm Eye 5 106 83 7.5 9.8 078-05 £37.91
6mm, 3/8" Eye 6 126 103 9.5 9.8 078-06-3/8 £43.10
6mm Eye 6 126 103 9.5 11.5 078-06 £44.18
6mm, 1/2" Eye 6 147 122 12 13 078-06-1/2 £48.73
7mm Eye 7 147 122 12 13 078-07 £51.74
8mm, 1/2" Eye 8 149 122 12 13 078-08-1/2 £57.83
8mm, 5/8" Eye 8 175 142 13.5 16 078-08-5/8 £69.67
10mm Eye 10 175 142 13.5 16 078-10 £86.06
12mm Eye 12 254 212 19 19.5 078-12 £171.88

Key Features:

316 Stainless Steel 316 grade stainless steel.

Sta-Lok long eye terminals are reusable and are supplied with 1x19 wedges as standard. Saves on replacing wire rope. Provides for instant repairs.

Wedges for 7 strand and Dyform can be purchased separately.

Sta-Lok Made In Britain

Sta-Lok Wire Connector Terminals - Technical Information - How to assemble

Sta-Lok Terminal Instruction 1

1. Cut wire rope and slide socket component over wire.

Wind tape around wire approx 12" (300mm) from end. This will prevent the socket from sliding down the wire.

TIP: If using a hacksaw to cut your wire rope, wind tape around wire to ensure a neat cut.

Sta-Lok Terminal Instruction 2

2. Unravel outer strands 2" to 3" (50-76mm) to expose central core.

TIP: Use a screwdriver to prise initial strands out of position.

Sta-Lok Terminal Instruction 3

3. Slide wedge component over central core of wire rope.

Sta-Lok Terminal Instruction 4

4. Reposition outer strands.

Turn outer strands either clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on the lay of the wire, around the wedge. Ensure approx 1/8" (2-3mm) of the central core protrudes from the end of the wedge.

Outer strands should be evenly situated around the wedge. Care should be taken to ensure that a strand does not slip into the slit of the wedge.

TIP: Push the socket towards end of wire, while repositioning the outer strands, this will help control. When wire strands are in position, push socket firmly, as indicated to hold wires in position.

Sta-Lok Terminal Instruction 5

5. Final assembly.

Ensure former component sits in bottom of end fitting. Screw socket assembly into end fitting and tighten with spanners. The assembly is now complete.

TIP: Undue force is not required to terminate the wire.

Fitting instructions are supplied with each Terminal.

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