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Swage Stemball - Stainless Steel

Swage Stemball

Stainless Steel Swage Stemball

All in 316 Marine Grade stainless steel.

This product is made in Britain

Swage Stemball

Available Options W
Code Price (inc VAT)  
3mm Swage Stemball 3 13 SSB-030 £5.36
4mm Swage Stemball 4 16 SSB-040 £6.10
5mm Swage Stemball 5 19 SSB-050 £7.15
6mm Swage Stemball 6 20 SSB-060 £8.56
7mm Swage Stemball 7 21.3 SSB-070 £15.58
8mm Swage Stemball 8 26.3 SSB-080 £20.66
10mm Swage Stemball 10 27.5 SSB-100 £31.80
12mm Swage Stemball 12 28 SSB-120 £54.55

Key Features:

316 stainless steel 316 grade stainless steel.

General Information

Our range of stemballs or domeheads are manufactured by electrical upset forging.

This ensures a smooth grain flow within the material and lower stress levels than other cold forging methods, leading to reduced fatigue failure.

Supplied polished and ideal as mast head terminals or in balustrade cable systems.

Our swage terminals are manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and are used to terminate 1x19 stainless steel wire, flexible wire rope, and Dyform wire.

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