Twist Shackle - Shake Proof Pin

Twist Shackle, Shake Proof Pin, Forged Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Twist Shackle with Shake Proof Pin

All in marine grade 316 stainless steel.

This product is made in Britain

Twist Shackle - Shake Proof Pin

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Break Load
Pin Type Code Price (inc VAT)  
5mm Twist Shackle 5 5 10 16 1200 Shake Proof T-050-B £5.92
6mm Twist Shackle 6 6 13 20 1600 Shake Proof T-060-B £6.91
8mm Twist Shackle 8 8 16 26 2400 Shake Proof T-080-B £9.80
10mm Twist Shackle 9.5 9.5 19 31 3800 Shake Proof T-100-B £14.71
11mm Twist Shackle 11 11 22 35 4800 Shake Proof T-110-B £18.20
12mm Twist Shackle 12.7 12.7 26 41 6000 Shake Proof T-120-B £27.73
16mm Twist Shackle 16 14.3 29 45 8000 Shake Proof T-160-B £56.64

Key Features:

316 Grade Stainless Steel 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Pin Type

Type B. Shake Proof Pin for Marine Shackles

Shake Proof Pin for Marine Shackles Shake Proof Pin for Marine Shackles

Information about the Shake Proof Pin

The shake proof shackle has both heads threaded. The pin will not fall out, but may still be unscrewed from the partially threaded second head.

The shake proof shackle pin incorporates an innovative polyurathane ring which enhances the fit of the shackle pin. Once in position the shackle pin will not vibrate loose.

The shake proof shackle incorporates the Smart-Lock pin. This pin benefits from a unique locking mechanism. When the ring is threaded into the shackle body the ring acts like a viscous liquid and binds itself to the internal threads in the shackle head.

Shake Proof Pin for d Shackles

After a short period of time the pin is locked into position. A sharp turn by hand or use of a shackle key will release the ring and allow the pin to be unscrewed very easily. The pin can be re-used without deterioration.


Our twist shackles are manufactured by electrical upset methods.

All our twist shackles are made in the UK, and are supplied highly polished.

Should you require your twist shackle tested, certified and marked with its Safe Working Load (SWL), please call and this can be arranged.


Twisted marine shackles Tested & Certified To BS EN 10203 3.1b

If you require our twist shackles tested & certified, please contact us, and we will be happy to carry this out.

Once Tested, they are individually marked with a batch reference number and a Safe Working Load (SWL). A certificate will be issued.

They will comply with lifting equipment regulations.

Pleasecontact usto discuss your requirement

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