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Wichard Double Pad Eye, Wichard Deck Fittings

Wichard Double Pad Eye

Stainless Steel Double Pad Eye. Made by Wichard.

Wichard Double Pad Eye

Available Options D
Break Load
Code Price (inc VAT)
6mm Double Pad Eye 6 45 27 14 6.4 90 1440 2500 WD-6564 £54.46
8mm Double Pad Eye 8 59 35 17 8.5 81 2400 4300 WD-6565 £64.82
10mm Double Pad Eye 10 75 45 23 10.5 125 4560 9000 WD-6566 £95.58

Key Features:

316 stainless steel Available in 316 grade stainless steel.
safe working load Product has quoted safe working load.
break load Product has quoted break load.


Wichard Double Pad Eye

Wichard Double Folding Pad Eyes were designed to enable several stays or a baby stay and a jib tack point to be attached to a single point

Wichard deck fittings are drop-forged stainless steel with no welding, and in themselves offer remarkable strength.

Registered design, made in France.

Outstanding working loads in all positions.

Compact design.

The Wichard range intended for safety fixing of deck and rigging components, provides an elegant and effective solution.

The range is also used in the industrial sector for architectural purposes and interior applications.

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