Architectural Project Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Project owners, architects and designers are always looking for an exceptional input to their projects. S3i explores the potential of stainless steel in all of our solutions for the ultimate in design creativity for many concepts, projects and applications.

Thanks to superior finish, elegance and versatile characteristics, stainless steel often proves to be an ideal material choice.

There are a wide range of possibilities for projects involving stainless steel cables. The criteria and considerations, for planning, implementing and managing a project involving a cable system are diverse and will usually require the input of specialists. Often, bespoke solutions are needed in order to realize the ambition.

S3i Bespoke Solutions

One of our specialist team members can support you in your project concept, development and specification and gladly help with the entire project management if desired.

Stainless Steel Solutions

In close partnership, very often responding to a simple raw concept, we create new and exciting design solutions.

S3i is one of the leading manufacturers of cable systems for architectural and constructional applications in the UK with the capability and capacity to provide turn key solutions.

S3i can provide:

  • Design support & concept development
  • Material specification and fitting selection
  • Full appraisal of material suitability
  • Engineering reports and structural viability
  • Cost estimates and budgets
  • Production schedules and breakdown
  • Method statements and installation schedules
  • Site supervision
  • Installation teams
S3i Bespoke Solutions


Marks & Spencer - Trafford Centre - Cable suspension system

Marks & Spencer - Trafford Centre - Cable Suspension System

Bermondsey Square - London - Permanent catenary cable suspension system

Bermondsey Square - London - Catenary Cables

Infinity Bridge - Stockton On Tees - Tension wire balustrade infill

Infinity Bridge - Stockton On Tees - Tension Wire Infill

Swarovski Chandelier - Milan - Bespoke wire chandelier

Swarovski Chandelier - Milan
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