Zaha Hadid Swarovski Fade Chandelier

Landscape Chandelier

Swarovski Sculpture - Zaha Hadid

Swarovski Sculpture - Zaha Hadid

S3i are proud to have manufactured a new design by Zaha Hadid, the Pritzker Prize-winning architect. The Fade Chandelier is a new out door landscape sculpture commissioned by Swarovski featuring an array of suspended Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Fade Chandelier at Crystal Palace

Made of stainless steel, the chandelier's structural elements are non-corrosive and polished for high reflectivity. The aim is to make the structure blend into its surroundings while highlighting Swarovski crystals which will appear to float above the ground, catching the light and dispersing it about the environment.

Swarovski Fade Chandelier at Night - photo by
Zaha Hadid Swarovski Fade Chandelier

"Swarovski is thrilled about Zaha Hadid's contribution to it's Crystal Palace collection with FADE, her landscape lighting structure implementing Swarovski crystal - a limited edition of eight signed pieces." Nadja Swarovski, Vice-President International Communications.

Zaha Hadid - Swarovski Fade Chandelier
  • Manufacture: S3i Group - Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Installation: S3i Group - Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Lead Design: Zaha Hadid - Kevin McClellan
  • Engineering: Arup - Tristan Simmonds

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