LED Handrail Spotlights

LED Handrail Spotlight System for Tubular Railing

LED Handrail Spotlights

LED Handrail Spotlights

Spotlights provide an asymmetric beam of light to create beautiful ambient lighting on handrails and balustrade, perfect for stairs and walkways.

Fully-integrated LED spotlight design that conceals all cables from view within the handrail and balustrade fittings.

The LED spotlights are dust proof and fully moisture-resistant, with options for both indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured with safety and durability in mind, these LED lights will not become hot to the touch, even whilst lit.

Options fit 42.4 or 48.mm diameter tube with a 2mm wall thickness. Full range of components and fittings available in a choice of 304 (interior) grade and 316 (exterior) grade stainless steel.

LED Handrail Knowledge

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For further information regarding LED Handrail Spotlights simply contact our technical team on 01302 752 504 or email us at info@s3i.co.uk.

LED Spotlight Key Features:

  • 12V option available
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact design, discreetly housed within handrail
  • Heat dissipation through heat sink
  • Manufactured from plastic / metal
  • '1-Click Technology' Installation
  • IP20 / IP66 protection
  • To fit 42.4mm or 48.3 Ø tubular handrail
S3i Video

Video: LED Handrail Spotlight - S3i Group

LED Handrail Spotlights - How to install and connect 24V LED spotlights within tubular handrail.

LED Spotlight Safety Information

Installation of the mains modules has to be carried out by a qualified electrician according to the applicable local regulations and standards.

Observe correct electrical polarity. Incorrect polarity can destroy the modules.

Only parallel drive circuits ensure a safe operation.

Power supply units used for operation should include the following basic protection and safety features:

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)

Pay attention to the maximum output of the power supply.

The 12V LED module must not come into contact with water.

Don't start installation of LED spotlights until all holes have been deburred internally and externally.

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