Bespoke Balustrade, Barnsley

Bespoke Timber Balusters with Stainless Steel Tensioned Balustrade Wire

Beautifully designed balustrade overlooking a residential courtyard in Barnsley using our flat mount stainless steel balustrade wire system.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Wire System

Manufactured from 316 (marine) Grade stainless steel our balustrade wire systems are ideal for exterior projects.

Balustrade Wire Is Less Intrusive

Stainless steel wire is the perfect infill - giving a stylish finish that is less intrusive, allowing for more light.

Balustrade Wire Positioning

Note how the wires have been positioned close together to accent the sweeping design of the bespoke baluster posts.

Balustrade Wire With Pre-fixed Tensioner

Simple to install mounting hubs and easy to tension with the pre-fixed tension fitting.

Running Wire Through Baluster Posts

The benefits of running wire through the mid posts creates a clean uninterrupted line and at the same time reduces the number of lengths required.

Balustrade Overlooking Garden

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