Coat Hook with Wood Thread - Stainless Steel

Coat Hook with Threaded Screw for Timber Mounting in 304 Grade Stainless Steel (A2-AISI)

U shaped hook with integral threaded wood screw for wood mounting, ideal for coats, robes, hats and much more.

Coat Hook - U Shape with Wood Thread

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Hook 41 20 26 9 3 PEG-HWT-040 £4.22
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304 Grade Stainless Steel
Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.
Drill Required for Installation
Drill may be required for installation.

Coat hook designed for quick and easy fixing.

Can be directly mounted into wood and timber doors and frames, for other materials we would recommend using a plastic wall plug.

A drill can be used to create a pilot hole for a trouble free installation.

Sold individually.


  • Stand off length (T1): 41mm
  • Thread length (T2): 20mm
  • Opening (C): 26mm
  • Stem diameter (D): 9mm
  • Thread (GW): 3mm
Coat Hook with Wood Thread Installation
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