Door Stops and Holders - Stainless Steel

Stylish and practical door stops and door holders designed for outstanding performance

Door Stops and Holders - Architectural Door Hardware
JNF Architectural Hardware

Hold the Door, Elevate the D├ęcor - Designer Door Stops

It's the small details that matter when creating elegant interior design, so make a statement with our attractive; yet functional door stops.

High quality stainless steel construction, in a range of innovative styles.

Door stops are devices designed to prevent doors from swinging too far open or closing too forcefully. They are typically placed on the floor or mounted on the wall to provide a buffer between the door and the wall, preventing damage to both.

Magnetic door stops use magnets to hold the door in an open position. One part is attached to the door, and the other part is mounted on the wall or floor. When the door is opened, the magnets attract and hold the door in place.

Floor-mounted door stops are typically have a protruding rod or block that comes in contact with the door. They provide a physical barrier to prevent the door from swinging too far.

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