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Dry Lubricant Spray - 200ml

Allen Dry PTFE Lubricant Spray

Specially formulated hydrophobic dry PTFE lubricant, Allen Dry Lube is designed to keep rigging, blocks and fittings running smoothly for superior long lasting performance in marine environments.

Dry Lubricant Spray - 200ml

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Proven to reduce friction & drag in water & air.

Inhibits corrosion & mildew.

Bonds to any clean, dry surface & dries in seconds.

Repels water, dirt, salt & contaminants.

Perfect for:

  • Slider cars & tracks
  • Spinnaker chutes
  • Sails, battens and telltales
  • Engine lower units
  • Propellers & bow thrusters
  • Blocks & cleats
  • Sail tracks, mast tracks & slides
  • Hatches, drawers & sliding doors
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