Meguiars Metal Polish

Meguiars Metal Polish Paste - Cleans and Restores

Meguiars Metal Polish

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Meguiar's Metal Polish is the best solution for polishing, restoring and enhancing uncoated metals on your boat or motor vehicle.

Supplied in a handy 170gms, 6oz tub.

Formulated to quickly remove oxidization, minor swirls, stains and tarnish that reduce shine and reflectivity.

Specialised polishing agents clean without scratching, leaving surfaces with a bright mirror-like shine.

Simply apply by hand for impeccable clarity and shine on all uncoated metals, including chrome and polished aluminium.

  • PROTECTION: Anti-corrosive protection for all metals
  • ALL METALS: Suitable for aluminium (polished, cast and billet), chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, silver and all other bright work components.
  • RESTORATION: Metal polish quickly cuts through oxidization, stains and swirls.
  • POLISH: A metal polish that leaves you with a mirror like finish without micro marring or swirling.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Simply work the metal polish with a cloth.

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