S3i Blog October - 2015

Nick Arrowsmith


Keep A Lid On It!

Another off-the-wall idea for stainless steel carabiners and wire rope.

Here at S3i headquarters we keep losing our bin lid every time every time it gets a bit windy.

Our rigging guru Thom decided enough was enough, so off he popped to his workshop to find a quick fix.

Using a wire rope assembly and a couple of carabiners he has come up with a solution that not only performs and looks great, but will last longer than the bin itself.

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Stainless Steel Leash On waste Bin
Nick Arrowsmith

Carabiner Tips and Tricks

Creative uses and tips for stainless steel carabiners.

Carabiners are incredibly strong and versatile. Ideal for everyday use around the home, sports and for decorative purposes.

The One Trip Trick!
Great for carrying a large number shopping bags in one go, simply slip the bag handles from your shopping spree onto one easy to carry carabiner and away you go.

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Stainless Steel Carabiners
Carabiner Coat Hanger

Carabiners mounted onto a timber base to create an bespoke and stylish coat hanger.

Simply fix the carabiner in the open position using a high strength stainless steel adhesive.

Carabiner Key Ring

Great for using as a key ring that you can simply clip to your jeans, coat or bag.

Use a standard carabiner for quick use or a screw gate carabiner for added security.

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