S3i Blog May - 2015

Mark Prydderch

Technical Manager

The perfect combination

Juliet balcony and glass balustrade installation at a private residence in Ashford, Kent.

A well thought out design using glass French doors and frameless glass balustrade to let the light flood in, while at the same time giving uninterrupted views of the surrounding countryside.

The timber, stainless steel and glass create a stunning combination of finishes that compliment each other beautifully.

To find out more about Juliet Balconies and Glass Balustrade please take a look at our Balustrade Systems page.

Tag: Juliet Balcony, Frameless Glass Balustrade, Installation

Juliet Balcony System
Juliet Balcony
Frameless Glass Balustrade
Nick Arrowsmith

S3i - A Roaring Success!

The lion enclosure at London Zoo will be receiving some high quality S3i stainless steel fork to fork tensioned cables.

Manufactured with 'pride' by our resident wire rope rigging expert Thom.

Check out our extensive collection of stainless steel wire rope assemblies

Suitable for marine rigging, architectural tension cables, structural tendons, landscaping and much more...

Tag: S3i, London Zoo, Tensioned Cable, Stainless Steel

Thom with Fork to Fork Wire Rope Assembly
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