S3i Blog November - 2015

Nick Arrowsmith


The Perfect Gallery Rail

New 6mm and 10mm Bar Railing Systems.

Introducing a versatile bar railing system that is available as component parts with options for corners and angles, so you can create your own customised layouts.

Suitable for cabinets and shelves on boats and caravans, where there is constant movement.

Excellent for use in commercial shop fitting, as this stylish post system provides the perfect finish to display shelving.

View fixings and components from the 6mm Bar Railing System.

View fixings and components from the 10mm Bar Railing System.

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Bar Railing System - Gallery Rail
Bar Railing System - Gallery Rail Fixings and Components
Nick Arrowsmith


Get A Grip!

Our range of ready made handrails has just got bigger.

Pre-sized handrails with mounting brackets, designed for a quick and easy installation are now available in longer lengths of 3 metre, 3.5 metre and 4 metres.

Need a custom length
Don't worry if you need a bespoke handrail length, simply contact our technical team on 01302 752 504 or email us your requirements.

Check out our full ranges of pre-prepared Stainless Steel and Timber Handrails.

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Stainless Steel and Timber Handrails
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