Exoskeleton Pergola - Paul Dracott - Future Gardens

Pergola by Paul Dracott at Future Gardens, St Albans

Future Gardens is the first phase of the Butterfly World Project.

Exoskeleton Pergola at Future Gardens, St Albans

This show garden was exhibited at Future Gardens, St Albans in 2009.

Created by garden designer Paul Dracott.

Exoskeleton by Paul Dracott

A modern pergola design using s3i stainless steel wire rope to support the unusual angles of the heavy oak posts.

Exoskeleton at Future Gardens

This project has combined stainless steel and natural sustainable materials to create a bold structure.

Tensioned wire Rope Assemblies
Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Wire Rope
Exoskeleton Pergola at Future Gardens

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