Fall Protection and Rope Access

Working at Height, Personal Fall Protection and Height Safety Solutions by KONG, Italy

Fall Protection and Rope Access

Comprehensive range of fall protection and rope access safety equipment by KONG, providing the maximum level of protection and comfort for numerous working at height, rigging and rescue applications:

  • Construction and Building
  • Stage Rigging
  • Confined Spaces
  • Ladders and Step Ladders
  • Elevating Platforms
  • Roofing and inclined Planes
  • Scaffolding and Trestels
  • Forestry
  • Arboriculture
  • Search and Rescue

Safety helmets, rope access harnesses and rigging gloves for individual personal fall protection.

Carabiners and Connectors, Anchors, Anchoring Tools, Energy Absorbers, Work Positioning, Restraints, Fall Arresters, Descenders, Bags, Ropes, Rope Clamps, Pulleys, Slings, Lanyards for fall protection.

Fall Protection and Height Safety PPE


Fall Protection is a general term that covers all methods of protecting workers in the event of a fall from height.


A fall arrest system is designed to protect a person during/after a fall, restricting the possibilities of hitting the ground.

Fall arrest systems provide maximum freedom of movement for workers to conduct their work, and allows the person to either effect a self-rescue or be rescued in the event of a fall.


A fall restraint system uses a body holding device connected to a reliable anchor, allowing a person access to conduct their duties but prevents the worker from reaching a point where a fall could occur, fall restraint systems can also be referred to as ?Work Restraint?.

Fall restraint systems are generally suitable if the person needs to work at the edge of a hazard, e.g. where there is a need for maintenance along the edge of a roof, or if there are other potential fall hazards such as a fragile roof, roof lights or air vents.

Kong Italy

KONG are a long established market leader in height safety, rescue and climbing equipment, established in 1830 in Monte Marenzo, Italy.

KONG complete the entire production cycle from design through to manufacture and packaging, with each item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) individually tested piece by piece.

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