Glass Balustrade Nottingham

Split Level Garden Glass Balustrades

This is a first for us, two properties next door to each other with S3i glass balustrade installations, both gardens have used the exact same balustrade system to achieve different results, showing how versatile our systems can be.

Our technical team have helped design these two layouts with input from the home owners throughout the design process to ensure a perfect fit, both finished with a neat and tidy install by our installation team.

You can view our modular glass clamp balustrade system here

Property A

Glass Balustrade - Nottingham

Property A has central stairs with a 90 degree corner, balustrade has been inset on the top level around the stairway opening to ensure safety.

Glass Balustrade Nottingham Property A

Property B

Glass Balustrade on Stairs Nottingham

Property B has a full width glass balustrade leading to straight stairs at one end.

Glass Balustrade Nottingham Property B

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