Design Considerations - Wire Trellis and Green Facades

Green Wall Design

The selection of the appropriate design of your green façade - whether it is the trellis or tensioned type - depends upon several different factors;

The climbing mechanism of the plants to be used

Climbing plants have different mechanisms and therefore need different types of supports to enhance and encourage healthy growth.

The vigor of the climbers to be used

Depending on the speed with which a plant grows up the support dictates the spacing between the supports and the distance it needs to be from the wall.FOR MORE DETAILS ON PLANTING AND PLANT TYPES click here

Green facade planting advice

The load placed on the green facade

The overall load on a green façade is composed of;

  • The weight of the plant
  • The wind load exerted on the plant
  • Dew and rain
  • The weight of snow on the structure
  • The weight of the structure itself


Green wall plant loading

By providing the plants with optimum conditions, ensuring they have the right kind of support, the right light for the plants chosen, the correct planting medium and adequate nutrients and water, successful covering of a façade will occur. The architecture and aesthetics of the greening concept must also be of paramount importance. This is why we believe that the flexibility of our green façade systems will enable most designs to be accommodated.

Here at S3i, we hope to be able to offer a solution for all green wall ideas. Our team here can offer help with the design of the façade itself, technical considerations and with the installation itself. We are renowned for our innovation in this area and we pride ourselves on our recent successes.


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