Gripple Standard Hanger for Wire Rope Suspension

Gripple Hanger - Fastener for 2mm and 3mm Wire Rope and Cable

HF2 and HF3 Standard Hangers for fast cable suspension of mechanical, electrical, HVAC and lighting services from different substrates.

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems

Gripple Standard Hanger

Options Pack Size Wire
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
HF2 Gripple 10 2 18 34 8 GRIP-HF2 £94.50
7-10 days
HF3 Gripple 10 3 26 43 8 GRIP-HF3 £116.10
7-10 days

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Standard hangers by Gripple now available to buy individually.

Up to 6 times faster than traditional hanging systems.

Simple to use, no need for nuts, bolts, clamps or other accessories.

Strong, safe and industry approved with a 5:1 safety factor load rating.

Aesthetically discreet and lightweight.


  • Housing - Type ZA2 Zinc
  • Wedge - Sintered steel hardened to min. 56 Rockwell C
  • Spring - Stainless Steel (Type 302)
  • End Cap - UV stabilised homopolymer propylene


Gripple Hangers should only be used in conjunction the correct size Gripple wire, otherwise any safe working loads quoted are null and void.

  • Hf2 - 2mm Wire Rope - Safe Working Load of 45kg.
  • Hf3 - 3mm Wire Rope - Safe Working Load of 90kg.
Gripple Standard Hanger
Gripple Standard Hanger Profiles

Standard Hanger Installation

Gripple Standard Hanger Install

1. Simply pass the end of your wire rope through the Gripple.

2. Loop wire rope back on itself and pass back through the hanger fitting.

3. Simply pull on the wire rope end to tighten, ensure a minimum of 75mm of tail wire exits the hanger.


Gripple Standard Hanger Adjust and Release

1. To adjust drop length after installation or remove your Gripple fitting simply insert a hex key or pin to release the wire rope locking wedge.

2. While holding the key or pin in place make adjustments by pulling wire rope through your hanger.

3. Once adjustments have been made, remove key and check to ensure wire rope is securely locked in place.

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Made In Britain

These high quality Gripple wire rope grips are engineered and manufactured in the UK.

Made In Britain
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