Gripple Stainless Steel Hanger - Wire Rope Grip

Gripple Adjustable Wire Rope Grip in 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Gripple stainless steel hangers to suit wire rope sizes of 2mm and 3mm, offering optimal corrosion resistance. Ideal for suspending HVAC, Mechanical and Electrical services.

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems

Gripple Stainless Steel Hanger

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No.2 Gripple 1 2 17.4 24.2 8 45 GRIP-2 £11.29
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No.3 Gripple 1 3 19 27.7 8 90 GRIP-3 £14.11
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Key Features:

316 Grade Stainless Steel
316 grade stainless steel.
Safe Working Load
Product has quoted safe working load.


A Gripple is a device used to join and tension wire, and also to terminate and suspend wires and wire ropes, and to support false ceilings, cable baskets, and similar items.

Suitable for the food industry and saturated atmospheres (Please Note: not suitable for chlorinated swimming pool environments).

Fire rated stainless steel body and springs are corrosion resistant and durable.

Ceramic rollers provide extra strength and corrosion resistance.

Strong, safe and industry approved with a 5:1 safety factor.

Aesthetically discreet and lightweight.

Manufactured in Sheffield, England by Gripple Ltd. The name derives from the fact that the device both 'grips' and 'pulls' wire.

Wire or wire rope is inserted into a channel in the Gripple, where it is gripped by a spring-loaded roller or wedge, and tensioned by being pulled through. Always ensure a minimum 75 mm of tail wire exit the hanger.

The channel is mirrored on the opposite side of the Gripple, allowing a second piece of wire to be joined. Some Gripples use miniature Tirfor jacks, and can be tensioned using a small key.

By turning a Gripple through 90 degrees and combining it with wire rope, it produces a suspension system capable of holding up substantial loads, and this has given rise to a range of Gripple suspension systems, which are sold to the construction industry worldwide.

Made In Britain

This high quality stainless steel wire rope grip by Gripple is engineered and manufactured in the UK.

Made In Britain


Gripple Stainless Steel Hanger Installation

Release and Adjustment

Gripple Stainless Steel Hanger Release and Adjustment

Video Demo

Gripple Video Demonstration

Proper Use

Need some help?

Simply click to view and download our useful Gripple data sheets:

Download Gripple Data Sheet

Stainless Steel Hanger Data

Download Gripple Data Sheet

Gripple Best Practice

Gripple Do's

  • Ensure that the cable protrudes at least 3' from the Gripple housing
  • Use Gripple hangers for suspending loads only
  • Use the hanger within its stated load range
  • Check that the self-locking fastener is fully engaged
  • Ensure all hangers are evenly loaded
  • Keep the components clean
  • Follow the manufacturers recommendations
  • Consider the effect of an angle, or forming in-line joints, in relation to the SWL
  • Follow health and safety guidelines and best practice in the work place

Gripple Don'ts

  • Exceed the Gripple product's Safe Working Load
  • Use Gripple hangers for lifting
  • Use the hanger for moving surfaces
  • Splice together two Gripple hanger kits, or any other moving device
  • Walk on any suspended surface
  • Use the self-locking fasteners on any coated type of wire
  • Apply paints, lubricants or other coatings to the Gripple or wire rope
  • Use standard hangers in a chlorinated or humid atmosphere
  • Exceed an angle of 60 degrees
  • Attempt to use the setting key when the suspension is under load
  • Re-use Gripple hangers; they are designed for permanent installations

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