D Shackle High Resistance

High Resistance D Shackle in High Tensile 17/4PH Grade Stainless Steel

Superior quality stainless steel D shackle offering high breaking loads and high resistance to stress corrosion cracking without compromising the integrity of the shackle.

High Resistance D Shackle

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Break Load
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6mm HR D Shackle 6 6 12 20 2700 HRD-060 £19.20
In stock
8mm HR D Shackle 8 8 16 26 4400 HRD-080 £31.73
In stock
10mm HR D Shackle 10 9.5 20 33 7500 HRD-100 £48.23
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12mm HR D Shackle 12 12.7 24 39 10000 HRD-120 £72.29
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14mm HR D Shackle 14 14.3 28 49 14000 HRD-140 £132.52
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16mm HR D Shackle 16 16 32 56 19000 HRD-160 £163.84
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20mm HR D Shackle 20 20 40 70 28000 HRD-200 £187.49
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High resistance shackles are forged from 17/4PH grade stainless steel.

After production of the entire shackle, we process and re-condition the material to ensure that the mechanics of the shackle reach its optimum levels.

We consider this to be the optimum condition for 17/4PH for use in a marine application.

Manufactured from 17/4PH precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel.

Corrosion resistance approximating to that of 18/8 grade steels, high tensile properties while avoiding work hardening.

Made In Britain

Made In Britain

High resistance stainless steel D shackles are manufactured here in the UK.

Dimension Information:

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