End Scroll in Stainless Steel for Hardwood Handrail

Hardwood Handrail Decorative End Scroll with Mounting Adapter - Modular Balustrade

Stylish stainless steel end scroll for wooden handrail.

Interior Use:

Hardwood Handrail End Scroll - Modular

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42mm Ø, 304 Grade 304 42 65 1 20.0739.042.12 £28.38
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Key Features:

304 Stainless Steel
Available in 304 grade (interior) stainless steel.
To fit 42mm diameter handrail' title=
To fit 42mm diameter hardwood handrail.
320 Grit Satin Finish
To a superb brushed 320 grit satin finish.
Fixative required
High strength Stainless Steel Adhesive required.
Countersunk Screws Required
Countersunk screws required for installation.
Screwdriver Required
Screwdriver required for installation.
Drill Required
Drill required for installation.

Stainless steel flush fitting end scroll with adapter. Ideal for creating an distinctive and elegant finish to any hardwood balustrade handrail.

Designed to fit flush to give you a long-lasting strong connection.

Available to fit either 42mm diameter hardwood handrail.

Suitable for indoor use, 304 grade stainless steel with a superb brushed 320 grit satin finish that will compliment the finish of any wooden handrail.

Installation is quick and easy using a Q-tool for mounting adapter alignment, simply drill and use a countersunk screw to fix your adapter to the end of the hardwood handrail. Apply a high strength adhesive and attach your end scroll into position.


Hardwood Handrail End Scroll Installation
Hardwood Handrail End Scroll

Product Information Downloads Here:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Hardwood Handrail End Scroll Information Sheet

CAD File (dwg)

Download DWG File

42 mm Hardwood Handrail End Scroll

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