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Premium Stainless Steel Tube to Glass Hinge - D-shaped Clamp

Tube to Glass Hinge for Gates and Doors in Stainless Steel Glass Balustrade Systems

Premium Tube to Glass Hinge - D-Shaped Clamp - Model 281

Available Options Grade Tube
Glass Thickness
Code Price (inc VAT)
42.4mm Hinge 316 42.4 6 - 12.76 14.0281.042.12 £48.66
48.3mm Hinge 316 48.3 6 - 12.76 14.0281.048.12 £48.66


Hex Head Countersunk Cap Screw - Model 0670

Available Options Grade D L
Pack Size Code Price (inc VAT)
M5 x 20 Hex Screw 316 M5 20 50 93.0670.520.14 £16.20

Key Features:

316 Grade Stainless Steel Available in 316 grade (exterior) stainless steel.
To Fit 42.4mm Diameter Tube To fit 42.4mm diameter stainless steel tube.
To Fit 48.3mm Diameter Tube To fit 48.3mm diameter stainless steel tube.
For Mono and Laminated Glass Suitable for mono and laminated glass panels.
320 Grit Satin Finish To a superb brushed 320 grit satin finish.
M5 x 20 Hex Head Countersunk Screws Required M5 x2 0 Hex Head Countersunk Screws required for installation.
Hex Head Key Required Requires use of a Hex Head Key for installation.

Tube to glass mounting hinge, ideal for creating gates and doorways within stainless steel glass balustrade.

Options available to fit either 42.4mm or 48.3mm tube and will accommodate glass panels from 6mm to 12.76mm thickness.

Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

M5 x 20 Hex Head countersunk screws recommended for installation to stainless steel posts.

Please note you will require 14mm diameter drill holes in your glass for installation.

Installation Advice

Drill Hole Instructions
Tube to Glass Hinge - Tube Installation Tube to Glass Hinge - Glass Installation Tube to Glass Hinge - Cover Installation
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Relates to
Stainless Steel Grade
Suitable For Exterior Use
Stainless Steel Grade
Suitable For Interior Use
Tube, Handrail or Fitting Diameter
Glass Type
Single Panel Glass
Glass Type
Laminated Safety Glass

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