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James Arrowsmith


Castleford Bridge Wire Rope Installation...Again!

Architectural adjuster fork wire rope assembly installation on the pedestrian bridge spanning the river Aire, in Castleford

Due to mindless vandalism, S3i have been re-called to replace the stainless steel wire rope assemblies on this footbridge, which we originally installed in 2008.

Great work by our master rigger Thom, who manufactured and installed the wire rope assemblies for this project, Thom's skill and knowledge ensured the on-site installation was completed quickly and smoothly.

This 130 metre long S-shaped bridge provides an important part of the local infrastructure, joining the the north and south of Castleford's riverside community. Lets just hope the vandals stay away and we don't have to return again.

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Stainless Steel Architectural Wire Rope Installation
Bridge Railing - Stainless Steel Wire Rope Installation
Nick Arrowsmith


Balustrade Workshop on Tour

Learning more about balustrade couldn't be easier with the new Q Railing mobile workshop

S3i in partnership with Q Railing will soon be hitting the road with a brand new mobile showroom. Showcasing the very latest and best balustrade solutions for you to browse and experience, supported by our team of technical advisors.

We are hoping to attend a variety of landscape and home building shows throughout the UK, watch this space for further details

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Mobile Balustrade Display and Workshop
Mobile Balustrade Display by S3i and Q Railing
James Arrowsmith


Tensioned Wire Trellis

A great example of our Tensioned Wire Trellis System, originally installed in early 2015 and still going strong in 2018

This tensioned trellis at a private residence in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire is a perfect example of how a wire trellis will encourage greenery to grow, creating a wonderful green facade.

Lucky for us, Matt has documented the growth of his trellis installation over its 3 year duration, and we look forward to see how it is looking in years to come.

All wire trellis components are constructed from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel, perfect for use in harsh outdoor environments.

S3i offer a great range of stainless steel trellis systems, designed and constructed for longevity, flexibility and ease of use, see our full range of Wire Trellis Systems here

We love to see customer projects, please feel free to send us your images to info@s3i.co.uk and we will feature them on our blog and project pages.

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Stainless Steel Tensioned Wire Trellis
Stainless Steel Tensioned Trellis Installation 2015
Stainless Steel Tensioned Trellis 2017 and 2018
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