S3i Blog November - 2020

Mark Prydderch

Technical Manager

Vertical Wire Staircase

Delightful example of our Wood Mount Vertical Wire System on this stylish staircase, with installation being carried out by the home owner.

The wire assemblies have been made to measure by our master rigger to the exact size (fixing surface to surface) with opposing left and right hand wood threads. Rotating the fixings (and wire) in a single direction will screw both ends into the timber.

Our vertical wire balustrade system is manufactured from high quality 316 grade stainless steel, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Vertical Wire System - Wood Mount
James Arrowsmith


Quality Assured With ISO 9001

We are pleased to announce that we have once again achieved the internationally recognised ISO 9001 certification, establishing S3i Group as one of the leaders in its field.

S3i Group has shown that it provides good product, excellent service reliability and process controls which means quality solutions and lower costs for its customers.

You can read more here

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ISO 9001 Certified
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