Shade Sail - Post Mount Anchor and Tensioner Kit

Stainless Steel Corner Kit for Shade Sail Installation through Metal Posts upto 85mm

Each post mount kit has all the components you will require for ONE CORNER of your shade sail, corner anchor kits are sold individually so you can mix and match different kits to suit your installation.

Shade Sail Mounting Kit

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Post Mount Kit Metal Post/Beams Stainless Steel 1 Corner SHADE-SAIL-02 £12.73
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Suitable for through mounting on metal posts, and through beams up to a maximum thickness of 85mm.

Designed for quick and easy installation with the use of a few household tools.

Triangle shade sails will require three fixing kits.

Square shade sails will need four fixing kits.

All components are manufactured from high quality stainless steel.

Each Timber Mount Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Commercial Eye Bolt - 316 grade stainless steel
  • 2 x Carabiner Snap Hooks - 316 grade stainless steel.
  • 1 x Hook/Eye Turnbuckle - 316 grade stainless steel.
Shade Sail Post Mount Anchor/Tensioner Kit

Component Dimensions

Commercial Eye Bolt Carbiner Snap Hook Hook-Eye Turnbuckle
Length / Thread Length / Eyelet Length/Width Length
145mm / 100mm / 25mm 80mm x 40mm 178mm (Min)
260mm (Max)

Plan Ahead

When planning your installation always ensure you have allowed enough space for your anchor and tension fittings.

Always start with your turnbuckle open so it is one third engaged, this will allow you to correctly tension to your shade sail.

Open kit length of 410mm (approx) with the turnbuckle 1/3 engaged.

Fully engaged kit length of 350mm (approx).

Third Engaged Turnbuckle
Fully Engaged Turnbuckle


Installation requirements can vary depending on factors such as, soil types, anchor points, post construction and even the wind conditions in your region.

If you are unsure about your specific installation please consult a qualified builder or engineer.

For triangle shade sails it is recommended that at least 2 of your anchor points have tensioning devices (turnbuckles).

For square shade sails it is recommended that at least 3 of your anchor points have tensioning devices (turnbuckles).

Metal posts should be securely set into the ground and are strong enough to take the full weight of the shade sail in windy conditions.

Metal posts should be a minimum of 48mm diameter.

Rope can be used to extend your shade sail to a fixing point, we recommend 6mm Polyester (Braid on Braid) Rope for this.

Installation Tips

For a quick and easy installation you will require: Drill, Wrench/Spanner and a Ratchet Strap for applying tension.

Always start by marking out your intended installation, always take into account the size of shade sail and length of fixing used to allow for correct tensioning of your sail.

1. Mark mounting position for your eye bolt and drill your post.

2. Insert eye bolt so the collar sits flush with mounting surface, screw the nut in place using a wrench or spanner.

Drill pilot holes

3. Start by opening your turnbuckle so that it is one third engaged.

Attach one snap hook to the eye bolt and then attach the turnbuckle to the snap hook, attach the second snap hook to your shade sail.

Attach the ratchet strap to both snap hooks (leaving the turnbuckle hanging). Tighten the ratchet strap until the shade sail is sufficiently tensioned.

Connect snaps hooks and turnbuckle

4. You can now hook your turnbuckle onto the shade sail snap hook.

Tighten the turnbuckle by turning the central body, this will bring the two end fixing closer together.

Attach turnbuckle

5. Once turnbuckle is fully tightened you can release the ratchet strap and unhook it from your assembly. Always double check that your shade sail is correctly tensioned.

Release and remove ratchet strap, check shade sail tension

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