Shelf Support with Wall Insert Sleeve - Stainless Steel

Tubular Bar Shelf Support for DIY Installation

Shelf Support Bar with Wall Insert Sleeve

Available Options Grade L
Support Diameter
Support Bar Wall Insert Code Price (inc VAT)  
Shelf Support, 350mm 304 350 25 1 1 28.7510.025.K £58.92

Key Features:

304 Grade Stainless Steel Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.
Satin finish Satin finish.
25kg Max Load Designed for a maximum load of 25kg.
Drill Required Drill is required for installation.
Easy Hit Hammer Easy Hit Hammer recommended for installation.

Shelf Support - Concealed Fixing

Stainless steel shelf support with a chunky tubular bar design. Ideal choice for supporting solid shelving, the raised end cap makes this support perfect for clothes hangers.

Complete with wall insert sleeve for a flush installation onto flat wall surfaces.

Simple press-fit design for a quick and easy mounting into wooden facades for both the home and commercial environments.

Manufactured from 304 (interior) grade stainless steel.


1 x 350mm Tubular Bar Support - Stainless Steel

1 x Wall Insert Sleeve - Stainless Steel

Press-Fit Shelf Support into Wall Insert Sleeve

Shelf Support With Coat Hangers

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