Square End Cap - Flat - Easy Hit

Stainless Steel EASY HIT Handrail End Cap - Square Line Balustrade

High quality flat end cap for a quick and secure way to finish your square handrail.

Square Balustrade Flat End Cap Easy Hit - Square Line

304 Grade

Options Grade Tube Ø
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304 Grade 304 40 1 13.5728.040.12 £7.56
In stock

316 Grade

Options Grade Tube Ø
Quantity Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
316 Grade 316 40 1 14.5728.040.12 £9.78
In stock

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Key Features:

304 Stainless Steel
Available in 304 grade (interior) stainless steel.
316 Stainless Steel
Available in 316 grade (exterior) stainless steel.
40mm x 40mm Square Profile
To fit 40mm x 40mm profile stainless steel tube.
320 Grit Satin Finish
To a superb brushed 320 grit satin finish.
Easy Hit Product
Recommended EASY HIT Hammer for installation.

Square easy hit stainless steel end cap for simple installation without the need for glue.

Perfect finishing touch for 40mm x 40mm square section posts or handrail.

Available in 304 (interior) and 316 (exterior) grade stainless steel with a brushed satin finish.

Supplied as individual item, please remember to order one end cap for each end of your handrail.

Easy Hit Square balustrade End Cap installation
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