Square Adjustable Railing Saddles

Square Adjustable Hand Railing Saddles - Stainless Steel

Square Adjustable Handrail Saddles

Square stainless steel adjustable handrail fixing saddles to support either flat or round handrail.

Designed to provide a secure fixing with options available for indoor and outdoor use.

Square Adjustable Balustrade Handrail Saddles

A wide range of square stainless steel adjustable railing saddles. Designed to fit our square stainless steel tubes or hardwood handrail these mounting pieces give a superb finish to your balustrade.

Adjustable angles allow for inclines, such as installations including stairs or ramps.

Available in a choice of 304 (interior) grade or 316 (exterior) grade stainless steel with options to support either flat section or tubular handrail.

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