Tufnol Lifting Block - Single Sheave

Tufnol Lifting Block - Single Sheave Pulley Block - Light weight - CE Certified and Stamped

High quality general purpose single sheave lifting block, fully CE certified and stamped.

Tufnol Lifting Block Single Sheave

Options Rope
Sheave Width
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
Size 4, 1x Sheave 16 83 19 1000 4000 17 34 1.06 TBS-4 £339.10
Special order
Size 6, 1x Sheave 19 95 22 1500 6000 20 40 1.90 TBS-6 £443.71
Special order
Size 12, 1x Sheave 25 121 30 3000 12000 28 50 5.70 TBS-12 £602.18
Special order
Size 14, 1x Sheave 32 144 36 3500 14000 30 60 7.67 TBS-14 £671.88
Special order

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Key Features:

Safe Working Load
Product has quoted safe working load.
Break Load
Product has quoted break load.
Made In Britain


Tufnol Lifting Blocks - CE Certified and Stamped

Single sheave lifting blocks are proof tested and supplied with test batch ID and full certification.

CE certified and stamped.


  • Cheeks: Tufnol
  • Sheaves: Aluminium hard anodised
  • Bearings: PTFE Low friction
  • Cheeks: Stainless Steel 316
  • This general purpose range of integral becket pulley blocks combines light weight and maximum corrosion resistance.

    They are particularly useful for riggers working on high towers and lines where weight to be carried is of prime importance.

    Aluminium Anodised Sheaves

    All lifting block sizes are of bolted construction and can simply be dismantled for replacement of sheaves or other damaged parts.

    Normally used with high tensile lifting shackles.

    The double blocks are used in pairs by electricity boards for live line working.


    Instructions for safe use of Tufnol Lifting Block download here

    Dimension Information:

    PDF Data Sheet

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    Download Single Sheave Tufnol Block Dimension Information

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