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Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Body Metric Thread

Turnbuckle Body with Metric Thread - A4 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Turnbuckle Body Metric

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M5 Turnbuckle Body M5 80 8 CB-M5 £4.69
M6 Turnbuckle Body M6 92 10 CB-M6 £6.00
M8 Turnbuckle Body M8 112 13.5 CB-M8 £10.31
M10 Turnbuckle Body M10 120 17.2 CB-M10 £11.52
M12 Turnbuckle Body M12 150 21.3 CB-M12 £20.32
M14 Turnbuckle Body M14 170 21.3 CB-M14 £22.48
M16 Turnbuckle Body M16 190 26.9 CB-M16 £26.30
M20 Turnbuckle Body M20 220 33.7 CB-M20 £47.04
M20 - L Turnbuckle Body M20 240 40 CB-M20-L £164.05
M22 Turnbuckle Body M22 270 40 CB-M22 £179.96
M24 Turnbuckle Body M24 325 50 CB-M24 £319.12
M30 Turnbuckle Body M30 375 60 CB-M30 £548.80
M36 Turnbuckle Body M36 410 65 CB-M36 £734.30

Key Features:

316 Grade Stainless Steel 316 grade stainless steel
Metric Thread Metric thread


Stainless steel turnbuckle closed body with inside metric thread; right hand thread one end, left hand thread the other.

Traditional style rigging screw body. Manufactured from high quality 316 grade solid stainless steel bar to a 240 grit satin finish.

Also called rigging screws, tensioners, bottlescrews or adjusters.

Normally used with lock nuts.

Available in a variety of combinations. Also available with Marine Bodies or Open Bodies.

Turnbuckle Body with Metric Thread - 316 Stainless Steel

Made In Britain

This high quality stainless steel turnbuckle body with metric thread has been engineered and manufactured in the UK.

Made In Britain

S3i Video

Video: Stainless Steel Turnbuckles. How do they work?

Stainless Steel Turnbuckles - Closed Body Rigging Screws. Demonstration of the mechanics of closed body stainless steel turnbuckles.


Turnbuckle Body Metric

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5 months ago
Product OK *************************************************************** Just make sure you get the RH studs and LH dual tread The seller will not tell you, and they barely ever answer emails questions...

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