Swarovski Crystal "Re" Chandelier by Zaha Hadid

Swarovski Crystal "Re" Chandelier, exhibited at Milan Design Festival 2008

by Zaha Hadid

Swarovski Crystal 'Re' Chandelier designed by Zaha Hadid

S3i are proud to have manufactured a new design by Zaha Hadid, the Pritzker Prize-winning architect. The "Re" Chandelier is a new sculpture commissioned by Swarovski featuring an array of suspended Swarovski crystals.

Zaha Hadid Swarovski Crystal Palace Milan

The design is drawn from the primary elements: gradient effects and interlacing networks. Long span tension structures are complex and prove challenging in many ways.

Zaha Hadid Fade Chandelier
Nadia Swarovski with the Zaha Hadid Re Chandelier
Swarovski Chandelier Detail
Zaha Hadid with James Arrowsmith, Swarovski Milan

View the project details at www.zaha-hadid.com or at www.swarovskigroup.com

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