Back Mounting Balustrade Cable Wire System

Stainless steel wire infill for balustrade, back mount cable system

These made to measure stainless steel wire rope assemblies are ideal for vertical mounting, supplied ready for a quick and easy installation. Perfect tension is achieved using the clever adjuster end fixing.

Back Mount Cable Rail, Ready Assembled

Options Wire
Code Price (inc VAT) (Length: 1 metre)
Cable Rail : 4 B1-F-04-A £28.20

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Ready Assembled Back Mounting Balustrade Wire

The fixed end (with the threaded ball supplied loose) can be fed through intermediate posts with a clearance hole of at least 7mm. Once the cable has been slotted through the final intermediate post the ball can be screwed back on.

Tension is achieved rotating the threaded ball on the adjuster end using the spanners flats, then locking with the lock nut.

There is an adjustment of 20mm+/- on each swaged assembly.

Made In Britain
Ready Assembled Back Mounting Balustrade Wire

Each cable consists of

  • 4mm, 7x7 Stainless steel rope
  • Two back mounting sockets
  • One swage ball
  • One threaded ball
  • One swage adjuster with lock nut

Please allow 3 to 5 working days from order for manufacture and delivery.

How to measure your cable railing wires:

Measure your balustrade assembly

To specify the required length of balustrade assemblies, measure the distance between the outside posts in millimetres. This is the measurement that you need to state when ordering, having converted into metres (divide by 1000).

Back Mount Sockets and Ball End Fittings


Back Mount Balustrade Assembly

Back mount socket dimensions:

Back Mount Balustrade Assembly Dimensions

D = 19mm

S = 7mm

L = 3mm

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